Bianca (Dam)

Caralot’s Breezin in the New Year


White female Medium/Moyen/Klein/Small Standard

19 inches 22 pounds

This sweet girl likes to play and gives big smiles when she is happy and excited.  She loves car rides.  She is a lady respectful, polite, and even tempered. I really like this girl.  Her daddy is a AKC Champion sire.     I have to steal my kisses from her.  She loves the wind from just a simple blowing from your mouth to her face or sticking her head out the window.

She produces puppes that are about 19 inches and 25 pounds in White, Blue and Brindle.

Link:  Bianca’s listing on

Link:  Bianca’s OFA Results

DNA tests:

DM clear

GM2 clear

Osteochondrodysplasia  clear

PRA clear

VWD clear


Bianca betterbred1

Bianca at 2 years

Bianca at 2 years