About Us

Darren, a Rhode Island farm native, moved with his family to Florida at the age of 7 and grew up here on the sun coast of Florida.  Darren has always loved caring for and learning about animals. At age 7, he took an interest in birds and became the youngest licensed and permitted tropical bird breeder ever in the state of Florida.  He was active in the Florida West Coast Avian Society with a monthly column “For the Fledglings”.

After attending Bradenton Beauty Academy and getting his cosmetology license, Darren decided to take his talents to his furry brethren and began working as an understudy to renowned show groomer / breeder Jennifer Manders, where he learned and refined exquisite hand-scissoring techniques.

Jennifer also introduced him to poodles.  After working with thousands of dogs over the years, poodles stole his heart.  Their intellect, temperament, trainability, and regal pose are some of the reasons Darren chose to work with these near perfect animals.  Ramzees was his first Standard Poodle from the Forever Kennel.

Working in veterinary hospitals, he learned the medical care involved with animals, along with the husbandry of the profession.  In support of the betterment of the breed, Darren is a strong advocate for health testing.  This is accomplished by several methods, including certified veterinary specialist evaluations (maintained by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), genetic DNA testing/certifications (through Vetnostic, Paw Print Genetics) and new genetic diversity panels (by U.C. Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory).

Temperament also plays a major factor when deciding to bring new life into the world, as it is passed down through the lineage of the creatures.  As a result, careful consideration is taken for each pairing.  The intelligence, demeanor, and temperament of Poodles make them an excellent choice for those needing therapy or service dogs.

Participating in dog shows and earning championships is not only about the conformation and beauty of the dog.  The judges also evaluate the dog’s temperament, intellect, and movement.  Socializing the canines to a vast array of other dogs and people is also a great benefit in the character building of the animal.

Darren’s kennel name, “Ramzees Poodles”, can be found in agility and conformation competitions throughout the United States, Canada, and a few countries in Central Europe.