Health Guarantee

Our Health Guarantee, if applicable to your contract, is as follows:

  • The BREEDER Guarantees this puppy for TWO years against hereditary or congenital deformities or dysfunctions as long as he/she remains in the possession of the original owner of this contract and the following terms have been met:
    1. The Limited Registration requirement has been honored (if applicable) and the puppy has been spayed or neutered by one year of age.
    2. The puppy has not been bred (if full registration) until health testing has been completed. (as per the Poodle Club of America guidelines).  It is also agreed that this dog shall not be bred to anything other than a health tested AKC or UKC poodle.
  • HEALTH GUARANTEE covers any disease that is deemed hereditary that will cause the dog to have to be euthanized or will cause the dog to live an unhealthy life with expensive ongoing veterinarian care. (examples:  addisons, seizures, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Hip Dysplasia, Juvenile Cataracts, etc.)
  • If covered defects do occur, BUYER may return the afflicted dog along with Veterinary proof of his/her Stated Health or death due to the covered defects and the BREEDER will replace him/her with the same quality puppy (may not be the same color) without charge.  The BREEDER has the option to have the dog evaluated by their own Veterinarian.  A new puppy will be supplied as soon as a puppy becomes available.